Medical Doctors

All of our products have received doctors recommendations due to their health benefits. Below are a few doctor recommendations addressed to ProteinBake and the creator of ProteinBake, Hugo Marrello P.Eng

ProteinBake tastes great and works well for my personal post-exercise needs. It was my good fortune to have met Hugo and be introduced to his excellent product.

  - Rick M.D. F.R.C.S. (C)

Head Division of Orthopaedic Surgery Humber River Hospital (Toronto)

These muffins have been enjoyed by my patients, co-workers and family for several weeks. As well as being tasty, and nutritious, they are quite filling and satisfy your appetite for several hours.


I would like to proclaim that I have eaten Hugo Marrello's ProteinBake Bars before and after exercise, and have found them to be extremely tasty, as well as containing nutritious healthy ingredients including cocoa, honey, protein powder + berries.


Protein cocoa cubes made by Hugo Marrello are very delicious, nutritious and highly recommended by me as an excellent snack for the whole family.


My family and I have enjoyed eating ProteinBakes which are quite tasty, nutritious, and low in calories. I have also given them to medical and nursery staff at my hospital, who enjoy eating these nutritious treats.


I and my patients have sampled ProteinBake Cookies made for Children. They are naturally sweet and tasty with all healthy nutrients that I would recommend to my patients.

  - Ken M.D. F.R.C.P. (C)

I have been enjoying these muffins over the past month or so. They are very tasty as well as nutritious and very low fat. I find that by having one for breakfast, I do not feel the need to eat again until lunchtime.


I have found the Proteinbake bars to be tasty and a healthy snack alternative during my busy days.

   - Roy MBChB, CCFP

I enjoy the muffins very much. They are quite tasty. I find them quite filling. If I eat one mid afternoon in the office it consistently tides me over until my dinner at seven o'clock.

  - Gerald M.D.

Professional Athletes

 IndyCar Champion

You know what man, we train a lot, and as a result I have tried tons of this stuff before, as far as something this good for you, this beneficial post workout, pre workout, whatever, that is about as good tasting product as I have had, so I will be hitting him up for some more of this .

   - James Hinchcliffe

 OHL Hockey Player - NHL Draft pick

Thanks for the great Bakes & Goods!

   - Max Domi

High Performance Coach & Iron Man Athlete

I use and recommend all ProteinBake products as an ergogenic (enhancement of physical performance, stamina, and recovery) aid during training and the recovery process for all athletes. 

   - Dennis Lindsay

 ITF Tennis Champion

Thanks once again for sponsoring the tournament with such a great product. It's such a great product and the protein blocks you also put in the package are absolutely fabulous, along with the sesame and almond style too.
Just want to say I am a huge fan.

   - Farris Gosea

 Professional Tennis Instructor 

Thank you Hugo, I have lost over 40 lbs since I have started to eat ProteinBake.

  - Guy Noel


They taste great!

   - Vikram Vij

Bilal Vakani

If you have not tried ProteinBake you are missing out! The bars are so good I have had entire weeks where I did not eat junk food, for the first time in my life. I rarely leave home without bars handy just in case, and there always is a good case that ProteinBake can solve for me! We could not be happier about Hugo and ProteinBake supporting the International Sports Report..

   - Bilal Vakani, Producer: The International Sports Report on TSN 1050 

I'm a host on TSN 1050 and am always looking for a healthy snack that is filling, good for you, and tastes great. I believe your Protein Bake bars are that perfect combination to help keep me going when i'm on the air doing a show.
Thank you for your fine product.

   - Andy McNamara, Host, TSN 1050 sports radio

Mayfair Clubs was pleased to provide Protein Bakes for each of our Senior ITF competitors. They were very well received. In fact, we ran out and had people asking for more.

   - Josh Weissman, Tournament Director, Wilson/Mayfair Senior ITF Tour

As an avid tennis player, dancer and weight-lifter, I look for desserts that are in keeping with my healthy diet and lifestyle. The ProteinBake Fruit Cake was filling but not heavy, like traditional fruit cake. I just loved the freshness of the flavours and the way they blended together. I am especially appreciative that the cake was gluten-free, lactose-free AND yeast-free.

  - Rosalind Ashe