Q: Are the letters of recommendations from medical doctors?

A: Yes


Q: Have any of the people recommending/endorsing ProteinBake been paid for their comments/opinions?

A: No


Q: Is ProteinBake only for athletes?

A: No. ProteinBake products can be consumed by anyone, including small children.


Q: When should I eat a ProteinBake?

A: ProteinBake products can be eaten any time of the day. For more information, you may look at the Plans section of our website.


Q: What will ProteinBake do for me?

A: ProteinBake contains only “useable calories”, enhancing your overall health.


Q: What makes ProteinBake different from other food products?

A: ProteinBake offers revolutionary new food products which assists in weight loss, provides long lasting energy, and contains only healthy ingredients.


Q: How long will someone need to take this product before showing any signs of weight loss?

A: Positive results should be noticed within a few weeks


Q: Is ProteinBake a meal replacement?

A: ProteinBake products can be used as a meal replacement or a daily snack.

Product Specific

Q: Is a package of ProteinBake Cubes considered a portion?

A: The ProteinBake Cubes are concentrated. We recommend eating 2-3 cubes at a time.


Q: Why are your products more expensive then others on the market?

A: ProteinBake products are made with real whole ingredients that have only usable calories. They do not contain fillers, additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial anything. It is easy to pronounce all of the ingredients, with no mystery (lab manufactured) ingredients.


Weight Loss

Q: Do you have a suggested program for daily use?

A: Yes, please see the plans section on our website.


Q: How many do I have to eat per day to see a result?

A: We would recommend 1 or 2 ProteinBake products per day.

Q: Do I need to diet to see any results?

A: No, ProteinBake provides usable calories, so that your body requires less of the foods   that you are already eating.


Q: I am overweight, how can your products help me?

A: With the addition of ProteinBake to your diet, you will consume less food.


Q: Is the product safe for people with Celiac, or with gluten intolerance?

A: Yes the product is Gluten Free and Lactose Free.


Q: In what ways will ProteinBake enhance my performance?

A: Two of the ways that ProteinBake can enhance performance is the reduction of body fat and the build up of muscle.


Q: Is ProteinBake beneficial during pregnancy?

A: Yes, ProteinBake is beneficial, and can help one sleep through the night by avoiding the need to wake up due to hunger. 


Q: Is ProteinBake beneficial for children of all ages?

A: Yes


Q: My days are busy and long leaving me little time to eat healthy. How can your products help me get through the day?

A: ProteinBake products slowly release protein and nutrients into the body, providing a long lasting boost in energy

Shipping & Availability

Q: What is the shipping cost for the products?

A: We offer free shipping on ALL orders over $60. Any orders under $60 have a flat shipping cost of $15.


Q: How fast do you ship?

A: We ship the Protein Bars and Cubes within 48 hours of ordering. The baked goods will ship on the following Monday or Tuesday depending on when they are ordered.


Q: What method of shipping do you use?

A: We ship using Expedited Parcel from Canada Post. Delivery time varies depending on location.


Q: Where are your products sold?

A: We are currently in negotiations with a few sports clubs for Canada wide distribution. At this time our products can be ordered on-line with free shipping for orders over $60.


Q: I just saw this product on Dragon's Den and am very interested. However, I live in the USA. Are there any plans to begin shipping there? Or any way people in the USA can buy?

A: Please email us directly and we can arrange shipping of our protein bars and cubes to the USA. At this time we cannot ship our baked goods to the USA.


Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Yes, please contact us with your exact address for shipping costs.


Q: Do you sell to retailers?

A: Yes, please contact us for more details.


Q: What is your return policy?


A: We only sell quality food products. Due to safety concerns, we do not accept returns of any food products.