With over 10 years of research and development, ProteinBake now offers revolutionary new food products which assists in weight loss, provides long lasting energy, and contains only healthy ingredients.

I have tried tons of this stuff before, as far as something this good for you, this beneficial post workout, pre workout, whatever, that is about as good tasting product as I have had, so I will be hitting him up for some more of this .

  - James Hinchcliffe

IndyCar Champion

I use and recommend all ProteinBake products as an ergogenic (enhancement of physical performance, stamina, and recovery) aid during training and the recovery process for all athletes. 

  - Dennis Lindsay

High Performance Coach & Iron Man Athlete

Thanks for the great Bakes & Goods! 

  - Max Domi

NHL Draft Pick

As a recovery snack they are probably perfect

  - Sarah Kaufman

UFC Bantamweight Contender